"Increase your fertility by boosting your sperm count and increasing your seminal fluid naturally"

From : Jamal Hajioui

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction? low sperm count? is you seminal fluid level embarrassingly low? how about the time you last in bed? is it short? let's be honest, most of men suffer from one of this problems, and a few unlucky ones have them all, including me, at least in the past, the good news is that you can fix all of that, naturally and with no side effects, I used to have problems getting erections, and maintaining them, I could barely last one minute, but my real problem was my low sperm count, I'm now in my early fifties and I have sex with my second wife ten times more than when I was in my thirties with my first wife.

Here is a little bit of background about me, but before you need to keep in mind that English is my third language and I will do my best to deliver my message, I got married when I was 30 years old, I met my wife at work and we fall in love, after two years of marriage we decided that we should try to have kids, in less than six months we realize that I may have a problem so we went to a doctor who told me that I have a low sperm count but it can be cured, so I did everything he ask me to do, diet, drugs, tests, exercising, I changed my entire life style and still couldn't make my wife pregnant, three years that we spent trying for kids and it was a living hell, my wife changed and become always angry with me, always yelling at me, she controlled every aspect of my life, I wasn't even able to sit and watch a soccer game, sex become like a task, and the more I fail the more I get depressed and she get angry, after that I couldn't take it anymore, one day while we were eating breakfast I told her she can take the house, she said what? I said I'm living today, she said where? and I said, I don't know and I don't care, at the beginning she tried to change my mind and I didn't care, I just kept eating my breakfast and then she started to yell, throw stuff, I just didn't care, I was in such peace with myself because I realized that I shouldn't blame myself for something that is out of my control, I made peace with my reality, I don't have the possibility to create life, there is other things that I could do, I finished my breakfast and handled her the paper, I told her to calm down and read them, I left her the house, the car, almost all of our saving, I kept around five thousands dollars for myself and I left once we finished all the procedures.

I went back to my home town, and for the next ten years all what I did is working from time to time on part time jobs, camping and travelling, and one day my best friend invited me to a wedding of his cousin where we met a girl and after talking for a few hours she suggested a threesome, I was very surprised and I thought she was just joking, me in a threesome, I'm 45 years old and I have only been with three women, my ex-wife and two prostitutes, my friend begged me to accept her offer, I tried to get out of the situation because I know what will happen, I will get humiliated, that's how pretty much all my sexual encounters ends, but I went anyway and what happened is exactly what I suspected, while he was giving her the best time of her life I was struggling to  get an erection, she tried her best but I just couldn't do it, she eventually left and we and my best friend did the same and we didn't talk about that for a week until one day he brought me a mix of some dry herbs, he told me to try this and that he guarantee the results and that he himself had the same problem, I know he was just lying to protect my dignity, I took them even if I knew that they will not do anything to me, I spent thousands of dollars on modern medicine without getting better, I'm sure that a ten dollar old remedy will do nothing, but that didn't hold me from trying it, I did what my friend said and I took them everyday for a week, no results of course, after three days I was in the shower and I noticed that I have a semi erection, and I felt a weird tingle in the head of my penis, so I just start to masturbate and in less than a minute I got an erection and in five minutes I reached orgasm.

The same thing happened again in the next day in the shower, it was then when I realized that my friend wasn't lying, I went to him and asked him from where he get it and he showed me, I bought two bags, $30 each and for the next two months I was taking them on a daily basis, me, I was barely able to get an erection, now I'm masturbating every day, getting a prostitute every week, flirting, joking, taking care of myself, buying good looking clothes and getting professional haircuts, I couldn't believe how that affected me, and after four months of not taking those herbs, my penis start to go back to his nature, I realized then that those herbs don't cure my problem of getting erections, but they just help me, but still, it's better nothing, I was ready to take them everyday for the rest of my life, what happen next changed my life and it will change your life also.

I realized there is hope.

So, I kept taking that mix of herbs, and I had hope that one day I will fix this problem forever, the mistake that I have made is, I believed that if modern medicine can't help me, then nothing else can, but now, I have faith that I can change all my life, so I start reading old alternative medicine books, I collected over nine hundreds books, some of them date back to six thousands years ago, I've read them all and I collected 68 remedy for erectile dysfunction, fertility and man's health in general, I tried personally every one of them until I found a remedy that did miracles to me, I hope you are still reading, I know that it's too much to read but that's it, let me show you now what this remedy did to me:

  • Doubled my seminal fluid quantity in just three days
  • In six days I start having erection harder than I could imagine
  • In three weeks I was able to ejaculate twice in a row without loosing erection
  • In one month, My seminal fluid quantity increased by 700% than before and I was able to reach four orgasms in one hour, and I ejaculate in the last one more than I used to ejaculate in the past even if I didn't had sex for a month.

  • But what made me curious is the texture of and the color of my semen, much thicker and whiter, and what happened next is just a surprise, I went to a doctor and I did some testings, he told me that I don't have low sperm count anymore, in the matter of fact he said that my sperm counts are higher that anyone he seen before.

    In the next year I spent everyday developing this remedy and testing it on different guys, my friends, neighbors and some guys that I met on the internet that have the same problems.

    After one year of work, here is the results:

  • A harder and stronger erection that last longer.
  • A slight increase in the girth of your erection
  • An increase in the quantity of your semen ( about 500% in average )
  • A noticeable increase in the quality of your semen
  • More intense and longer orgasms
  • A boost in your sperm count ( up to 400% for guys with low sperm count )

  • And all this can be done naturally, and in only 30 days you will achieve unbelievable results.

    I tried this remedy for 28 days, I like how my erection is thicker and harder, I love the amount of semen that come out when I ejaculate, but mostly I love how my orgasms are more intense and longer.

    Fahd Elfakhari

    If you are still reading then there is a big chance that you need some help and you couldn't find it anywhere else, you are just like I used to be, depressed, hopeless, tired of using Viagra every time you wanna have sex, well let me tell you that there is hope for you, and you are in the right place, this natural remedy will help you to increase your sperm count, I know this because now I'm married and I have two healthy and beautiful kids with my second wife and I'm happy more than I ever been, my sex life is more than perfect, I perform like a machine whenever I or my wife want, I last more than an hour easily, I give my wife multiple orgasms every time we have sex, here is bellow some common questions that most of my clients ask me.

    Some common questions

    Does this remedy have any side effects?
    No, this is a 100% natural remedy with zero side effects.

    Where can I find the ingredients?
    You can find all the ingredients in any grocery store.

    Does it take some special knowledge to prepare it?
    No, it's very easy to make, the steps are well explained in the eBook, even a child can make it.

    What do I get?
    You will receive a short Ebook with steps to follow in order to prepare this remedy and you will receive also my email for support and if you have any questions just contact me and I will answer it personally in less than one day.

    Here bellow some stats from our experiments and testings.

    2X semen quantity
    1.5X sperm count                                                                                                                                            
    Mohammed Taoussi, 55 y.o

    3X semen quantity                                                                                                                  2X sperm count                                  
    Ayoub Leftouh, 23 y.o

    2X semen quantity                                                                                                                                                  
    Rached Elmaimouni, 34 y.o

    2.5X semen quantity                                                                                                                1.4X sperm count                                  
    Mohammed Elftouh, 30 y.o


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